Why T. Rex Design works for your business


You have a story to tell.

I'd like to help you tell it more effectively.

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    It's about your audiences.

    I can help translate complex information into a compelling narrative.

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    Your customer is everywhere.

    Like you, I work across media, cultures, industries, and stakeholders.

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    Research, research, research.

    I do my homework - about your brands, competition, and markets.

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    Good design is total design.

    I strategise, write, edit, illustrate, photograph, design, and code.

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    I get branding.

    A good design system unifies the user experience of your brand.

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    Experience matters.

    I've been doing this for 20 years (and I'm still learning).

Rishad Patel

My name is Rishad Patel.

For over twenty years, I've designed creative strategy, websites, web and mobile apps, radio commercials, advertising, newsrooms, newspapers and magazines, branding, books, floor rugs, photographs, infographics, illustrations, and pitch decks for companies and startups in Singapore, India, New Zealand, and the United States.

My clients

My clients

I've been fortunate to work with some great businesses around the world.

  • NTU
  • Tegu
  • ETH
  • Oracle
  • Mitsui
  • Hive
  • Picador
  • Hill Road Media
  • Audiomatic
  • Hachette
  • Ogilvy
  • Edelman
  • Dentsu
  • HarperCollins
  • Novade
  • Convetit
  • The Splice Newsroom
  • Super Bowl 50
The T. Rex Design philosophy

Good design — and good business strategy — comes from creating great content and experiences for your customer.

See my work
  • Identity, UI, UX, mobile, startup/gifting

    Givatude iOS app

    I am a cofounder of Givatude, a San Francisco-based startup. Givatude is an iOS app that enables you to send your friends gifts from local merchants in the Bay Area.

    Givatude logo

    As Design Director, I designed the iOS app, the branding and website, the sales materials, and other marketing peripherals.

  • Givatude
  • marketing, digital, technology

    Oracle Email campaign

    The brief: to communicate Oracle's new business software in partnership with IBM to generate sales leads.


    I did all the copywriting and design, and worked with the Oracle product team to develop this very successful email campaign.

  • Oracle email
  • UX, branding, education


    This legendary Swiss university commissioned me to design a branded user experience and interface for a research database that leveraged public-access datasets from international census organisations.

    ETH Asean

    The ASEAN region has 12 member countries, represented by the spokes of the A-wheel logomark I created for the ETH ASEAN+ Database.

  • ASEAN Database
The T. Rex Design philosophy

It's not about how good it looks.
It's about how well it works.

  • UX, UI, Corporate/Communications

    Hive Consulting Corporate website

    I designed a responsive corporate website for this APAC-based PR and communications agency.

    Apart from design, I worked with the Hive team to plan, write, and structure content.

  • Hive website
  • Identity, web UX, media

    Audiomatic Web app

    I designed the branding and website for this incredibly cool podcasting startup in India.


    The logomark is a simple, stylised letter A. I designed the brand to be simple and bold, but as a vehicle that gave its content—the podcasts—primacy.

  • Audiomatic website
  • digital, UI, branding, architecture

    Michael Fiebrich Design Website

    The brief: to design a corporate website that showcased the international work of this Singapore-based interior architecture firm.


    The website was designed to generate leads, and structured for speed and findability. Careful consideration was given to detailing the accessories and methods that went into the projects, as well as the awards they won.

  • Michael Fiebrich Design website

What T. Rex Design can do for you

  • UX Design

  • Brand identity design

  • Web design

  • Front-end development

  • Creative/art direction

  • Product prototyping

  • Content strategy

  • Copywriting and editing

  • Design audit

  • Website management

Let's make something great together.